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PALOMA House Hotel occupies two floors, thrid and fourth (or second and third for the guests from Europe) in four-floor old-time building in quiet historical center of the city. Despite its age (about 150 years) the standards of those times remain immutable till today.

All rooms at PALOMA House Hotel have single bedroom but with different square. Besides, one of the most prominent feature of the hotel is unique planning of the rooms. There is no single room like any other in the hotel.

Some special charm is being added to due to the views out of the room windows. Some rooms have views out on the center of the city, some other face the upper branches of the trees in Yaroslavskaya str. In the attic rooms you may feel a special proximity to the skies. Windows of the 4th floor come out directly onto the dome of the Central Church of the city, Blagoveschenskiy Sobor (The Annunciation Cathedral).

All rooms are equipped with air conditioning. You can control your room climat .

Business De Luxe rooms are equipped with mini-saunas.

Booking a room

You can use the booking form on our web site and just by calling us by phone

+380 (57) 752-39-34

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+380 (50) 323-07-19

You can drop an email to us via this address below